Firework Display At Church Injures 2 Children In St. Charles

ST. CHARLES, MO – Two children, ages 6 and 12, were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries suffered when a fireworks display went wrong at Bogey Hills Baptist Church in St. Charles Tuesday night.

Pastor Coby Boyd told News 4, “By the grace of God we had two minor injuries, it could have been a lot worse.”

Boyd said it was about ten minutes into the annual display when a shell exploded prematurely near the ground, setting off other fireworks.

“You could hear people screaming and babies crying and people would just literally throw their lawn chairs up and run,” said Donna Ringwald.

Maureen Watson said, “There was an adult that grabbed a child at the ridge of the hill and laid on top of the child until it was over.”

This was the sixth year for the church to host a fireworks display. The church uses consumer grade fireworks purchased at a local stand, so no permit was required. The fireworks show is a popular event in the neighborhood.

“I hope this is not their last show,” said Ben Outlaw.

Boyd said the church hasn’t made a decision about hosting a fireworks display next year.

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