Wentzville Fire Protection District Gives Family A Special Gender Reveal

WENTZVILLE, MO. – Katy and Tyler Bone experienced a heartbreaking loss. They were expecting a baby boy, but lost him during the pregnancy.
Five months later, they have something to celebrate – a rainbow baby.
A ‘rainbow baby’ refers to the newborn that a mother gives birth to after first suffering a miscarriage or stillborn birth. The term is derived from the qualities of a rainbow that brightens the sky following a storm.

For the gender reveal of their rainbow baby, the couple wanted to do something special.
Tyler’s firefighter friends volunteered to give them a totally unique reveal, by using a fire truck.
A Wentzville fire truck made an entrance with lights flashing. Then, friends pulled out the hose, spraying a pink liquid in the air.

A second surprise appeared for the couple when a rainbow formed in the sky.

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