Police Use Mace In Confrontation With Protesters In Downtown St. Louis After Stockley Ruling

ST. LOUIS, MO – As news of the judge’s decision in the Jason Stockley case spread Friday morning, hundreds of people decided to join the protests.
The demonstrations downtown attracted more people by the hour—African-Americans and Caucasian—as word spread about the not guilty ruling.

The center of the protesters’ activity was the middle of the intersection of Tucker Boulevard and Market Street at the corner of the Carnahan Court House is located. A group of protesters broke off and marched through other parts of downtown St. Louis.

Julie Longyear closed her south city business, Blissoma Skin Care, after learning of the judge’s ruling. She and her employees headed downtown to join the protest.
“It’s in line with my values and I’m here to shut it down with them, basically,” she said. “I can’t justify continuing on with my daily life when other people are dying needlessly and our justice systems are not performing as they should in a way that’s equal for all races.”

Longyear said it’s the responsibility of white people to end racism.

Photo: Viper 1

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