FireFighter Safer Grant Runs Out Febuary 6th

WRIGHT CITY, MO – Six of Wright City’s 12 firefighters are being paid through a federal safer grant that runs out February 6.

“The federal government allowed us to double the staff from six to 12 firefighters, from two firefighters on duty per day to four firefighters on duty per day,” said Chief Ron MacKnight, Wright City Fire Protection District.

Wright City Fire Protection District covers 95 square miles in parts of Warren and Lincoln counties. Chief Ron MacKnight, Wright City Fire Protections District said it’s important the community understands what will happen if they lose the firefighters.

“It’s the impact on services,” it dramatically impacts the level of service you are able to provide.” MacKnight said.

That includes Structure Fires, Vehicle Accidents, Extrications, Gas Leaks, EMS Calls, Community Programs, and much more.

Wright City leaders said they have to somehow keep these firefighters.

“The initial plan, no matter what, is we’re going to keep them for another year,” said Rudy Jovanovic, president of the board of directors for the Wright City Fire Protection District. “We’re committing our reserve funds to keep them employed.”

But then there will be no money left for the upkeep of our apparatus, a 47-year-old building and any emergencies that might come up. Wright City Fire Protection District has asked voters twice in the last year and a half for a tax increase, but it failed.

“We’re hoping to go again in April,” Jovanovic said. “That’s a board decision to be made tomorrow night. Hope to fund full staff, the six safer firefighters from now on.”

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