St. Charles Man Fights For His Life, FLU Season Has Arrived In The Midwest

ST. CHARLES, MO – Paige Kennedy-Anderson said she and her husband, Jake have spent the last year waiting for an exciting future together. The St. Charles couple was married in October and is now awaiting the birth of their first child in July. But for the last three days, Paige said she’s waited in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles wondering if her husband would survive.

“You get no warning that’s the scary part about it,” said Paige.

Anderson said her husband battled a cold for the last few days. Sunday night, she said he decided to take a shower to clear his congestion. Moments later, Paige said she heard him collapse. She performed CPR after discovering her husband was unresponsive.

“I could feel him going cold underneath my hands as I was pumping on his chest,” said Paige.

Anderson said she performed CPR until paramedics arrived. Once they did, Jake was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles for emergency care.

“They had to put him in a medically induced coma to protect his brain and his organs,” said Paige.

Anderson said she was in disbelief and couldn’t comprehend how a common cold could turn almost deadly. Doctors believe a rare viral infection, known as myocarditis, invaded Jake’s heart.

For 48 hours, Anderson said she was unsure if her husband would make it. Wednesday morning she said Jake recognized his family members voices and moved his hands and feet for the first time in three days.

Doctors credit the CPR Paige administered to helping save his life.

Doctors expect Jake to make a full neurological recovery, but said he will have a long road of recovery ahead.

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