Wentzville Middle School Student Brings Unloaded Gun To School

WENTZVILLE, MO – A weapon was discovered at Wentzville Middle School Thursday morning. A letter sent home to parents says that tips received by the school’s resource officer led them to an unloaded weapon. The student did not have any ammunition in their possession.

The student and the weapon are now in police custody. Administrators do not believe the student meant any harm anyone at the school. However, the student will be subject to the school’s disciplinary guidelines.

There was no interruption to the school day during this incident. The Wentzville Police Department is involved in the ongoing investigation.

This is the note the Wentzville School District sent to parents:

“We want to make you aware of a situation at Wentzville Middle School this morning. The School Resource Officer assigned to Wentzville Middle School alerted administrators at the start of school today that the Wentzville Police Department had reports of a student who potentially had a weapon at school. Administrators and law enforcement immediately located the student and confiscated the weapon, which was unloaded, and the student had no ammunition in their possession. The weapon and the student involved are in police custody. There was no interruption to the instructional day, and we want to stress that we do NOT believe there was any intent to harm anyone at the school. Please know that student and staff safety is always our primary concern and we take violations of this kind very seriously. The student involved will be subject to consequences per our disciplinary guidelines. We are grateful to students who did the right thing and alerted law enforcement, as well as our Wentzville Middle administrators and the Wentzville Police Department for the quick and safe resolution.”

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