“Rock For Terbrock” – Benefit Concert

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Date(s) - Sun, July 15, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Delmar Hall


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  1. David Spalding says:

    We can leave comments? That’s a brave allowance of trust. Well, I’ve been banned from ALL social media. The Google thought police, and the corporations of States don’t appreciate anything or anyone whom they can’t control. “They” own everything and everyone. I’m jus’ a slave to the monetary System controlled and manipulated by the fake and illegitimate self proclaimed, whatever… it’s the same as it ever has been to be what it’s always been. The masses eat it up. Jus’ remember that there is no death or fear of death. The only fear is knowing that there is no death and you’ll have to answer for ALL your actions or lack of actions. Predestination Election with free will gives everyone the right to be wrong but it never makes wrong right. Pro-free will makes a true person of value? If God is real? Does it matter if you get a disease? Does it matter if you believe or not? Does it change truth and fact from being truthful and factual? Agreement or disagreement? Does it change truth and fact? If a liar tells you the truth? Does it make the truth a lie because a liar told the truth?

    Allow (not) me to offer this small dose of reality, following our days of national idolatry, when we worship with quasi-religious fervor, Murica’s self-perceived invincibility, infallibility and manifest destiny:

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. is a corporation posing as a representative political entity. Whereas, the first United States was a confederacy of independent, sovereign states, the USA we celebrate is a foreign-owned, National corporation, with the ‘citizens’ as assets and the states mere franchises of the central govt. under the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code. Our ‘Social Security’ number identifies us as state property. (Think of it as your personal VIN.) The Federal Reserve is an international banking cartel; the Internal Revenue Service is a private Corporation contracted to the Treasury Department; and most US agencies, departments and bureaus are unconstitutional.
    USA INC. regulates your occupation, income, food, medicine, air, knowledge, and all activity from conception to death. (The sovereignty of God not withstanding.)

    Worst of all, we are a pagan, secular empire, with ruthless, ammoral military legions scattered around the world, Representing the interests of this corporation, whose subsidiaries and their minions daily perpetuates monstrous atrocities and gross miscarriages of justice.

    Posing as a government by, of and for the people, who exports death, while controlling its own population with fear, propaganda and intimidation, through state-run, tax-supported indoctrination/socialization centers, Christo-statist religion dispensaries, media, and policing agencies-

    We are a people under Divine judgement.

    This concludes today’s civic lesson.
    I stand with ALL my WORDS whether originally from me or not. What do you think? “I think” is an ideology of thoughts and form of self worship.
    My name, not that it matters other than I’m NOT A COWARD LIKE THE REST OF YOU PEOPLE. David Richard Spalding I’m not allowed to have social media. I can receive e-mail but I’m not allowed to send e-mail. I’m sure this won’t be public, but you never, never know? In the land of the slaves and home of the COWARDS!!! It is one thing to be silent it’s another to be silence. People hate the truth push away the truth and want nothing to do with the truth. While claiming their version of truth is true. KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE THE MORE IMPORTANT HALF IS UNDERSTANDING! We built and give power to the BEAST SYSTEM THAT YOU WORSHIP! Just because you capitalized god doesn’t make your gods GOD. Yeshua Hamashiach or Jesus The Christ told you people but nobody listens to Dave The Slave. The only way to win is to willingly lose. The only deal worth making is a deal of no deal. The only choice you have is a choice of no choice. Isn’t it funny? DEATH TO MYSELF! Do you want to play a game? You’re already playing whether you know not what you know or only know parts of your knowing.
    David Richard Spalding
    1300 Nutmeg Drive
    Saint Charles Missouri 63303
    Do me a favour? KILL ME! If God allows? Please & Thank you.

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