Frustration mounts after spree of overnight car break-ins at The Grove

ST. LOUIS – A spree of car break-ins overnight in The Grove neighborhood leaves many cars damaged and many drivers frustrated.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the crimes, though has not released information on any possible suspects.

Brock Waterkotte was one of the victims left with a big mess and a costly repair.

“Last night, I went down to The Grove with some friends and went inside for about 10-15 minutes,” he explained. “I left something in my car, went back out there, and my car, as well as four others right next to me, had their windows busted out.”

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Less than 12 hours after Waterkotte’s car got broken into, he patched up his window and headed to work in south county.

“There’s still glass,” he said. “I got most of it out of my seat. The police officer actually helped me. And the window itself, I still have glass in my dashboard, but the window itself trailed down whenever they broke into it. So I have some damage on the outside of my car.”

Workers were sweeping up glass Saturday morning in the lot behind Rehab Bar and Grill, where he parked before the break-in. Waterkotte said he paid the attendant $6 to park there.

“It sucks,” he said. “Now it’s something I have to pay for and get fixed myself.”

Another gated parking lot across the street near Chouteau Avenue and Sarah Street were also targeted overnight.

“I was one of the few that was spared, but it was pretty shocking to see all the glass all over the place,” Nate Diekman said.

Others who parked nearby in some spaces on South Vandeventer Avenue woke up to a mess too.

“It’s better, almost better to just Uber somewhere and pay for an Uber fee than to pay for a new window,” Waterkotte said

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