PHOTOS: 2023 Great Forest Park Balloon Race and Saturday’s celebrations

ST. LOUIS – Eyes on the skies Saturday! It was a busy day in St. Louis as the Great Forest Park Balloon Race returned for another year of stunning sights and friendly competition.

Dozens of crews signed up for this year’s balloon race, but not everyone made it up in the air. Crews had to deal with some small sprinkles and mild wind gusts throughout the day. With storms expected in the St. Louis metro later Saturday, some played it safe and didn’t take off from ground.

For those who made it up, they had the opportunity to participate in a hare-and-hound race setup. One balloon crew made a target and competing crews tried to come closest to the target to ultimately win the race.

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Balloons mostly landed around Forest Park grounds or within the City of St. Louis. Many took to the skies between 4:30-6 p.m. despite so-so weather conditions.

There were also many food trucks, sponsor booths and inflatables for families to enjoy prior to the race. For a full list of events around the balloon race, click here.

Scroll through the photo slideshow above for photos from the Great Forest Park Balloon Race

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