Belleville small business owner told he’s out of luck following sewage backup

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – A small business owner in Belleville believes he’s getting a raw deal from the city after his business was flooded with raw sewage.

Dorian Leroy, owner of NEEC Technology Repairs, said he’s had to spend $20,000 to clean up the mess because of a backup in the city sewer system.

Leroy said he’s called Belleville City Hall time and again with no luck.

“All of a sudden, you see sewage water coming out of the toilet like a fountain,” he said. “It’s just spewing over and it’s just flooding this whole back area. We were scrambling trying to get parts that we had off the floor.”

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Leroy turned to his own private insurance company but was out of luck there.

“After the insurance company came back and told us that this was not covered, because it was outside of the building, it was on the city side,” he said.

Leroy reached out to the city. Representatives told him since the city had no knowledge of the sewer problem, it was not at fault.

“I’m burned up about it. It’s money out of my pocket. We’re a small business and taking $25,000, that’s a big chunk. It’s a big chunk,” he said.

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