Man and woman found dead inside Pacific home

PACIFIC, Mo. – The Pacific Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are investigating after two family members were found dead inside a Pacific home on Monday.

According to a police spokesperson, officers arrived at a residence in the 70 block of Cedar Ridge Road around 1:45 p.m.

A family member told police they went to the home after several failed attempts to get hold of someone at the residence. They went inside the home, made the discovery, and called 911.

Police did not identify the individuals who were found dead but stated the deceased family members were a man and a woman.

Genetta Tomnitz-Sucher is a teacher and president of the neighborhood homeowners association where the bodies were found. She taught some of the kids who grew up in the home where police converged on Monday afternoon.

“It’s like someone is taken from us and it shakes the community,” Tomnitz-Sucher said. “It shakes our neighborhood.”

She said the tight-knit neighborhood is ready to offer support for grieving family members. 

As of Monday evening, police had yet to release information about the cause of death or if investigators were looking for a suspect.

“I’m kind of shook up,” Nick Cokley, a neighbor who grew up playing with friends at the house, said.  

Cokley said one of the family members did have mental health needs, and wonders if it was a factor.

“It’s hard saying what happened out there but if that’s the case, you know it’s really unfortunate,” he said. 

He encouraged anyone with mental health needs to reach out for help.

This is a developing news story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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