Multi-million-dollar Ladue home to be auctioned off

LADUE, Mo. – A home sitting on three acres nestled into a Ladue neighborhood will soon be open to the public for bidding.

The home, located at 9801 Log Cabin Ct., holds nearly everything needed for entertainment. From an indoor pool with a club house to a two-story gym, a basketball court, a guest house, and more, this location has it all.

Originally built in 1965, it holds six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and five partial bathrooms.

The owners, Jackie and Ray Saleeby, purchased the home in 2001, when they were first starting their family. Over the years, they transformed the space into their dream home through renovation and building additional areas.

“We wanted sort of a home that my kids could really grow up in and have a lot of amenities,” Jackie said. “There was never a dull moment or anything not to do.”

Various spaces throughout the home showcase the original 1960s charm with basket-woven wooden floors, wooden built-ins, a brick fireplace, and more. Other areas of the house are modernized, such as the kitchen and dining areas with glass tables, chandeliers, and multiple cooktops.

The primary bedroom features a personal lounge, three separate walk-in closets, a mechanical clothing rack, and two bathrooms. Two more bedrooms sit on the second floor, along with a study room, and two other rooms are on the lower level.

Deciding it was time to let the house go came when the Saleeby’s youngest son graduated high school and their other two were in college or working. The couple were officially empty nesters and the space wasn’t needed by the two of them anymore. Since then, the space has been on and off the market for the past four years.

“I think it’s just a special home and it hasn’t found the right buyers yet. It’s a beautiful property with wonderful amenities, and I think we just haven’t found a person who will love it as much as we have,” Jackie said.

With that, the Saleeby’s have opted for the auction route rather than selling.

“We thought we’d just try to cast a wider net and expand the reach beyond the St. Louis Metro area,” Jackie said. “With the auction route, there’s a lot of luxury properties in the United States who use auctions as a means of selling homes so that’s what got us interested also.”

The previously listed price, as given by the auction company Interluxe, sat at just under $4.5 million.

As the days get closer to the auction, there is reminiscing on the memories created over the past 23 years. From converting a room into a make-stage for a blues singer to swimming in the pool while it was snowing, there are a lot of positive times to look back on.

“It was a great place to raise kids and we loved it, but we just don’t need all that space anymore,” Jackie said. “We’ve really enjoyed it immensely.”

The starting bid is listed for $1.5 million, which will begin June 10 at 9 a.m. Previews for the home are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

To inquire or register for the auction, click here.

Photo courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe AuctionsPhoto courtesy of Interluxe Auctions

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